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Pierre Yves Clouin
Nelson Henricks
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au cinema le Cinematographe, Nantes

"Shooting Star" and "Upset" in competition at 9e Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinémas (RISC) Marseille, France "Shooting Star"will be screened in Competition Shorts on November 22 at 2Pm atCinéma Les…

Dérangé exhibitions and screenings of "Upset": 2015 .Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinemas (RISC), Marseille, France

"Shooting Star" in Competition Experience at Un festival c'est trop court!, Festival Européen de court métrage de Nice, October 9 to 16, Nice, France screenings: Villa Arson: 12/09 - 8-10pm Cinema Mercury: 15/09 - 6-8pm

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"Cul en l'air" in the most significant titles from the previous Festival editions of Split Film Festival. To celebrate its 20thedition, Split Film Festival has decided to screena selection of the most significant titles from the previous editions,…

"Shooting Star" selected at the 20th Split Film Festival, September12 - 19, Split, Croatia "Shooting Star"will be screened on September 18

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"Shooting Star" in Festival du Peu,programcurated by Heliotrope (short film festival Nice) , July 10- 19, Bonson, France

Shooting Star premier at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, presented by Open City Cinema, June 6, 10pm 2015, Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Cette étoile est filante parce que je la filme It is because I’m shooting this star that this star is a shooting star exhibitions and screenings of "Shooting Star": 2015 .Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinemas (RISC),…

"... All the works that were labelled "problematic" were screened in the office of the architecte Bernard Khoury in Karantina, where the space was transformed into a theatre with two hundred seats for one evening. Those works included Naufus…