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du doigté de loin exhibitions and screenings of "Finger Puppets": 2010 .“Extraordinary Men” program curated by Stefan St Laurent, Art Star video Biennal, Galerie Saw Gallery, Ottawa, On, Canada 2007 .“Experiencing…
le placard de Jo Jo's cabinet

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Poniatowski Boulevard Paris September 2012 exhibitions and screenings of”Jack O'Lantern”: 2013 •Exploding Cinema's Phone Made Films Show atCinema Museum, London, UK
Cellophane, St Jacques Street Paris, July 2012 Cellophane, rue St Jacques Paris, Juillet 2012 exhibitions and screenings of ”Le poisson”: 2013 .Exploding Cinema at Stubnitz,Ship of Fools and Monsters,Wood Wharf - Canary…
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