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I just walked inJ'ai juste poussé la porteexhibitions and screenings of Solo Show2021The One Shot Terrassa City of Film, Barcelona, Spain

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Cibles (Targets) selected in Encuentro Internacional de Cineastas 2021 (1-15 /02/2021) will be screened on February 12, in the program 2 at 3pm, Esto Es Para Esto Program, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cibles (Targets) included in Soanyway Magazine (Issue 7, September), Leeds, UK

"Reentry" in Exploding Cinema Online Show, Exploding Detonation screened Saturday 23rd MAY, 7-8ish pm

"Cibles (Targets)" selected in the One Shot International Short Film Festival (September 4-11), sceened in the One Minute One Shot program, September 7 at 7pm. "One Shot" International Short Film Festival, Armenian Center For Contemporary…

"Supply" in the Online Open Screening of the 66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen , screened in program1, Saturday May 16 at 8pm."... The 66th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen goes Online The global spread of coronavirus…

Les Inattendus 2020 _ Samedi 15 février _ Les Inattendus.pdf
"Reentry", "possible" and "Cibles (Targets) " selected in Les Inattendus Biennial, Lyon Cibles (Targets) screened Saturday 15 February at 4pm Reentry screened Saturday 15 February at 10pm possible screened Sunday 16 February at 6pm Les Inattendus…
Et 3 sur la mêmeAnd 3 on 1
Making wavesFaire des vagues

Fait avec les pieds Made with my feet

Cibles (Targets) selected in the SSA/Cutlog Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh

Cibles(Targets)has been selected for this yearsSociety Scottish Artists/CutLogartists moving image screening, and will be screened everyday (in screening VII, around 14:09) 22 December 2019- 30 January 2020, at the Royal Scottish Academyin…

des ronds dans l'eauripplesexhibitions and screenings of Cibles (Targets)2021 34th Instants Vidéo - Rencontres Internationales, La Friche Belle de Mai,Marseille, France Encuentro Internacional de Cineastas 2021 at El Expendio, Monterrey, Nuevo…

Officially- Selected MegaCities ShortDocs Festival - Edition 5 - PARIS - Une femme - YouTube.pdf
TheMegaCities-ShortDocsFilm Festival highlight short documentary-films produced by dwellers of the largest cities of the world, that reflect the challenges of the megacities and present social & environmental initiatives that contribute to…

La lune et Paris

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Des atomes très crochus Very personal chemistry

Supply(Alimentation)selected by Stream and Channelswill be screened July 25,6:00 pm - 10:30 pm, in Block Arty, an out door screening of avant garde short films surrounded by sculpture on view for one night only at theHudson Valley Museum of…
Un anneau de Saturne, un ballon de carnavalThe circles that you find in the windmills of your mind exhibitions and screenings of Supply (Alimentation):2021 34th Instants Vidéo - Rencontres Internationales, La Friche Belle de Mai, Marseille,…

Watch Lift-Off Sessions June 2019-2 - Programme 4 Online _ Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo.pdf
Une femme,(A Woman,) selected by The Lift-Off Sessionsonline programme 4, (June-August), London, UK
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