Cibles (Targets) selected in the SSA/Cutlog Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh


Cibles (Targets) selected in the SSA/Cutlog Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh


Cibles (Targets) has been selected for this years Society Scottish Artists /CutLog artists moving image screening, and will be screened everyday (in screening VII, around 14:09) 22 December 2019- 30 January 2020, at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


Working together for the first time the Society of Scottish Artists and CutLog are delighted to present a dedicated space for artist moving image within SSA | VAS OPEN, showcasing the work of 67 artists from the UK, USA, Ireland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Thailand, Norway, Hungary, Israel, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Brazil, Japan, Poland and New Zealand.

CutLog is a group of artists who have recently come together to create new opportunities for artists whose practice spans moving image. 

Following an invitation from the SSA to collaborate, CutLog set out with two main aims: first, to offer artists a genuine chance that their work would be selected in an open call (no works were preselected); and, secondly, to illustrate the wide range of ways artists use the medium of moving image. 

While the panel selected works without reference to country of origin, the medium of moving image does allow works from many countries to be easily shown together and opens exhibitions to a wider international representation.

The works selected range from mobile phone to 4k video recordings, from digitised 8 and 16mm film to animation, and from computer-generated imagery to extreme slow motion. In duration, they range from 17 seconds to 20 minutes. Subjects include the natural world, human conflict and sociopolitical events and involve both individual and group performances. They make use of the written and the spoken word, they harness the power of memory and fantasy, and they invoke identity and absurdity.

Artists working with moving image come from many disciplines, which shifts the focus on to concepts, ideas and aesthetics and the limits of the technology used are explored and expanded. In this exhibition the selected artists have taken their own personal routes through the complexity of life.

Exhibition:    OPEN SSA/VAS, Royal Academy Building building,  Princes St Edinburgh. 22 Dec. to 30 January.

And in the September Cutlog Screening (September 7-28 2020)





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Adonia Bouchehri : ENGLAND.  Alastair Cook : SCOTLAND.  Alessia Cecchet : USA.  Andrew McNiven : SCOTLAND.  Andrew Payne : ENGLAND.  Anna Cady : ENGLAND.  Anna Rath Foley : SWEDENAvant Kinema : SCOTLAND.  Bill Brown : USA.  Collette Rayner : NETHERLANDS.  Denise Batchelor : NEW ZEALAND.  Elisa Morais : ENGLAND . : Eta Dahlia :  ENGLAND.  Ewan John : SCOTLANDGabor Toro : HUNGARY.  Gemma Travers : SCOTLAND.  Georgi Stamenov : ENGLAND.  Gregory Marshall : USA .  Grzegorz Stefanski : POLAND.  Guli Silberstein : ENGLAND.  Holger Mohaupt : SCOTLAND.  Ingrid Stobbe : USA.  James Murphy : IRELAND.  Jason Moyes : SCOTLAND.  Jeppe Lange : DENMARK.  John Butler : SCOTLAND.  John Woodman : ENGLAND.  Jon Ratigan : WALES.  Jonathan Johnson : THAILAND.  Karel Doing : ENGLAND.  Katrina McPherson : SCOTLAND.  Kaya Fraser : SCOTLAND.   Kerry Jones : SCOTLAND.  Lana Z Caplan : USA.  Laurel Beckman : USA.  Liina Siib : ESTONIA.  Lin Li : SCOTLAND.  Luis Grane : USA.  Mairead McClean :  ENGLAND.  Michael Kay Terence : SCOTLAND.  Michael Lyons: JAPAN.  Michel Pavlou : NORWAY.  Michelle Deignan : ENGLAND.  Mieke Vanmechelen : IRELAND.  Myles Painter : SCOTLAND.  Nicola Murray : SCOTLAND.  Pablo-Martín Córdoba : FRANCEPatricia Borges : BRAZIL.  Paul Tarragó : ENGLAND.  Philip Rabalais : USA.  Pierre Ajavon : FRANCE.  Pierre Yves Clouin : FRANCE.  Richard Ashrowan : SCOTLAND.  Rob Gawthrop : ENGLAND.  Rosemary Taylor : SCOTLAND.  Ruth Waters : ENGLAND.  Sam Harley : SCOTLAND.    Shir Handelsman : ISRAEL.  Silvia de Gennaro : ITALY.  Simon Fildes : SCOTLAND.  Steffi Klenz : ENGLAND.  Su Grierson : SCOTLAND.  Timo Wright : FINLAND.  Tina Willgren : SWEDEN.  Úna Quigley : IRELAND.  Wei Zhang : SCOTLAND.  Zachary Eastwood-Bloom : SCOTLAND.





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