Naked Eye


Naked Eye


videos by Pierre Yves Clouin, text by Rajendra Roy, "Naked Eye,” Empire, 07, fall 2001, p. 26, New York City


fall 2001







New York City


"'Timidity is not an issue,' says video artist Pierre Yves Clouin. Part exhibitionist, part auteur, Clouin is not afraid to show a little skin in his little videos (none are more than 5 minutes long). And is not afraid to share an opinion either: 'Full frontal nudity is curiously flat.'
"As both director and star of his growing body of work, Clouin focuses his lens on parts of the male body that don't often make gay top-ten lists, like armpits and shoulders, the small of the back and the top of the head. Clouin works like a video Venus Flytrap, seducing audiences with intimate close-ups of curves and orifices on his own well-sculpted body. Just when you think you recognize what's on screen, the body unfolds and you realize you just got turned on shoulder cleavage (The Little Big, 2000) or by a particularly sexy earlobe (I've Got Mouths All Over, 1999).
"Earlier this year he screened a tape at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. This fall he has a few venues lined up including the MIX Festival in Manhattan, where Clouin once premiered The Bleating Calf and caused a sensation with animal rights activists until it was explained that what looked like a lamb about to be slaughtered was actually Clouin himself, naked and moaning.
"Clouin travels quite a bit these days, leaving his boyfriend at home in Paris. Exquisitely formed and clearly at ease with exposing himself to the critical masses, Clouin has some sexy advice for the body-obsessed among us: 'Accept pleasure whatever it may be and whenever it strikes.'"

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