Rain Again


Rain Again


Here it comes

I filmed the reflection of the city and the sky on the rain-soaked ground as I walked.
Everything (a bicycle, a tree trunk, a bench, etc.) which in each shot, on the ground did not reflect, was removed which
causes this assembly of heterogeneous screens.

"He creates films by filming, not by writing, no scenario or plan beforehand.
The distance between the filmed object and his eye and the camera is primordial. It's a question of point of view.
We know what we are looking at and we are always fully aware of what we see.
But there are short moments of bewitchment , when we can objectively identify and contemplate what we see, all the while imaging it to be something entirely different."
murmurcontemporary, April 2024, Montreux, Switzerland

Il crée des films en filmant, pas en écrivant, aucun scénario ni plan avant.
La distance entre l'objet filmé et son oeil et la caméra est primordiale. C'est une question de point de vue.
Nous savons ce que nous regardons et nous sommes toujours pleinement conscients de ce que nous voyons.
Mais il y a de courts moments d'envoûtement, où nous pouvons identifier et contempler objectivement ce que nous voyons, tout en l'imaginant comme quelque chose de complètement différent.

Special Mention Best Experimental Film, IGFA International Guadalajara Film Awards, Mexico
Best Experimental  Film, Aasha International Film Festival, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
Best Experimental Short Film, Bharatha Desam International Film Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

exhibitions and screenings of "Rain Again": 
- Les Instants Video,La Friche Belle de Mai(exhibition), Marseille, France
- Esto Es Para Esto Exhibidora de Cine, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
- Festival ECRA, Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- ONE SHOT International Short Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
- IGFA International Guadalajara Film Awards, Guadalajara, Mexico
- Re-Fest, Seoul, South Korea
Melting Walls Volume1 at murmurcontemporary (exhibition), Montreux, Switzerland
- Saturday's Open Screening with Chicago Filmmakers!, Chicago, IL, USA
- Aasha International Film Festival, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
- International Video Art Forum, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
- Festival Video nodoCARACAS, Caracas, Venezuela
- Expephab (online), Marseille, France
- Beijing International Short Film Festival, Beijing, China
- Bharatha Desam International Film Festival, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India





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