If you use ecstazy


If you use ecstazy


If you use ecstazy (1996, tiré à 150 ex)




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Edinburgh, Paris


If you use ecstasy . If you take E in a cu & you’re dancing a lot try to drink enough water or you’ll deshidrate. Have approximately one print per hour & don’t it all at once - try to space it out over 10-20 minutes . If you’re NOT dancing or you’re taking E at home you won’t need to drink as much water. They have been a few RARE cases of people dying from drinking too much water when they’re not dancing which results in the body retaining excess fluid and the blood becoming dilted. SO-only dronk enough water to quench your thirst .If you’re dancing a lot, make sue you take time to chill out - EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL TIRED - your body still needs to rest . DON’T mix E with alcohol as this will deshydate you even further PARANOIA If you feel paranoid or anxious, this may have been caused by drugs you have taken. Tell a friend how you are feeling as talking helps. Find somewhere quiet & dark & remeber, it will pass. If you’re at a large event, arrange a meeting place with your friends beforehand in case youlose each other. AFEW GENERAL POINTS . If you’re having a weekend of it, stay sorted - get some good sleep beforehand & eat well - multivitamins are good. eat early to avoid stomach cramps . Don’t mix alcoho with drugs and avoid mixing different drugs together. If you’re not sure of the strength, take a small amount - less is best . always be sensible about your drug intake - if you’re increasing your normal intake, be extra careful - If in doubt, leave it out . Remember, you may not get the same effect or experience from a drug as someone else; factorssuch as your mood will influence how a drug affects you & everyone’s different . You can never be sure what you’re getting. Be vigilant 1 look for the test results of Ecstasy - youmay then have an idea of what you’re getting Remember Just say know I you want more information on drugs & related issues contact: Crew 2000 32 Cockburn Street Edinburgh EH1 1PB TEl:01312203404 With thanks to Lthian Region Community Education Department

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