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exhibitions and screenings of ” La vie en rose”: 2008 .10eme rencontres Cinéma et video, Nice, France
You can see "Le boudoir"at the bottom of the page « I like both»« J’aime bien les deux»Avec la vocale contribution d'Yves St Laurent
« Forgive me, gentlemen,I’m sorry to tell you that I have no time to see you at present. I do apologize, but I have to go out on urgent business and must leave the building at once. You have seen for yourselves how long I have been held…

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Les enfants mettent le doigt sur les flammes que le vent attiseThe children put their finger on the flames stirred up by the wind exhibitions and screenings of ”Le feu de l'eau”: 2016 Un festival c'est trop court, Nice, France
exhibitions and screenings of "Scene of the crime": 2002 .Thaw02, Festival of Film, Video and Digital Media, Institute for Cinema & Culture in Iowa City, Iowa,USA
Now or neverC’est maintenant ou jamais Television broadcast: ADD-TV, NYC, New York, USA, 2009 exhibitions and screenings of ” Le saut dans le vide”: 2010 “Extraordinary Men” program curated by stefan st Laurent, Art Star video Biennal,…

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« Can you close the window, can you? »« Tu veux bien fermer la fenêtre, tu veux bien? »
exhibitions of ” Les affranchis”: 2006 .“sexperimental”, Cinema du Monde, Paris, France
exhibitions and screenings of "Les 2 mains sur la tête": 2003 Vue sur court,short film festival, La Rochelle, France "A Thinly Veiled Threat.""Undermining the Overview," SMART Cinema, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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jugglers, acrobats, magicians, and sleepers
Les tiroirs sont allignés sur le trottoirThe drawers are lined up on the sidewalk

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En mission, On missionexhibitions and screenings of "Lumenité":2022 1 Minuto,SãoPaulo, Brazil 2020 "La cave à films" at the Festival International du Film Court d’Angoulême (FIFCA)Angoulême, France 2019 Rencontres Traverse Vidéo,…


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crachat, boulevard St Germain, Paris Juillet 2008Spit, St Germain Boulevard, Paris, July 2008
Ceci n'est pas un Mont Saint MichelThis is not a Mount Saint Michel exhibitions and screenings of ”Mont Saint Michel”: 2006 Back Up, Weimar, Germany International Kurz Film Festival Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Morve à boire ne peut pas vous sentir

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extract from crossing exhibitions and screenings of ” Orage”: 2009 “Bref” short film magazine on ligne
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