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exhibitions and screenings of "There":2005 San Francisco Cinematheque presents "We Cannot exhibit It: The Videos of Pierre Yves Clouin", Yerba Buena Center forthe Arts, San Francisco, USA 2003 London LGBT film Festival, BFI, London,…
exhibitions and screenings of "Tutu et châpeau pointu": 2001 .galerie eof, Paris, France 2002 .6th Unimovie, Pescara, Italy
You can see "Mais pourquoi t'es tout mouillé"at the bottom of the page « Are you sure?No, I don’t »« Vous êtes sûr ?Non, je l’ fais pas »Television broadcast: ADD-TV, NYC, New York, USA,…
exhibitions of ” Les affranchis”: 2006 .“sexperimental”, Cinema du Monde, Paris, France
crachat, boulevard St Germain, Paris Juillet 2008Spit, St Germain Boulevard, Paris, July 2008
In New York streets exhibitions and screenings of ” crossing”: 2010 Urban Research, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Director Lounge Contemporary Art and Media, Berlin, Germany
extract from crossing exhibitions and screenings of ” fumée”: 2010 .“Extraordinary Men” program curated by Stefan St Laurent, Art Star video Biennal, Galerie Saw Gallery, Ottawa, On, Canada 2009…
extract from crossing exhibitions and screenings of ” Orage”: 2009 “Bref” short film magazine on ligne

exhibitions and screenings of ” C’est pas vrai”: 2009 Music video art 4, Mons en Baroeul, France

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Once Mars is colonized, we must go to Alpha Centauri. - Ray Bradburyune fois mars colonisée, nous devons aller sur Alpha du Centaure. - Ray Bradbury exhibitions and screenings of ” Une fois Mars…
extract from Je suis un indien Pontiac
This film was shot during a Institut français, Hors les Murs Program (section film, video, cinema), arts residency in Montreal, Canada, in the summer of 2010. The project is a chronological record, each scene engendering the next. Working…
5 November, 3pm, 3°C, Ottawa
L’intérieur est à l’extérieurInside is outside
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