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exhibitions and screenings of "There":2005 San Francisco Cinematheque presents "We Cannot exhibit It: The Videos of Pierre Yves Clouin", Yerba Buena Center forthe Arts, San Francisco, USA 2003 London LGBT film Festival, BFI, London,…
exhibitions and screenings of "Tutu et châpeau pointu": 2001 .galerie eof, Paris, France 2002 .6th Unimovie, Pescara, Italy
You can see "Mais pourquoi t'es tout mouillé"at the bottom of the page « Are you sure?No, I don’t »« Vous êtes sûr ?Non, je l’ fais pas »Television broadcast: ADD-TV, NYC, New York, USA, 2007 exhibitions and screenings of "Mais…
exhibitions of ” Les affranchis”: 2006 .“sexperimental”, Cinema du Monde, Paris, France
crachat, boulevard St Germain, Paris Juillet 2008Spit, St Germain Boulevard, Paris, July 2008
In New York streets exhibitions and screenings of ” crossing”: 2010 Urban Research, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Director Lounge Contemporary Art and Media, Berlin, Germany
extract from crossing exhibitions and screenings of ” fumée”: 2010 .“Extraordinary Men” program curated by Stefan St Laurent, Art Star video Biennal, Galerie Saw Gallery, Ottawa, On, Canada 2009 .“Bref” short film magazine on ligne .apexart…
extract from crossing exhibitions and screenings of ” Orage”: 2009 “Bref” short film magazine on ligne

exhibitions and screenings of ” C’est pas vrai”: 2009 Music video art 4, Mons en Baroeul, France

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Once Mars is colonized, we must go to Alpha Centauri. - Ray Bradburyune fois mars colonisée, nous devons aller sur Alpha du Centaure. - Ray Bradbury exhibitions and screenings of ” Une fois Mars…
extract from Je suis un indien Pontiac
This film was shot during a Institut français, Hors les Murs Program (section film, video, cinema), arts residency in Montreal, Canada, in the summer of 2010. The project is a chronological record, each scene engendering the next. Working…
5 November, 3pm, 3°C, Ottawa
L’intérieur est à l’extérieurInside is outside
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