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Daumesnil Avenue, Paris September 2012 Avenue Daumesnil, Paris Septembre 2012

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Cellophane, St Jacques Street Paris, July 2012 Cellophane, rue St Jacques Paris, Juillet 2012 exhibitions and screenings of ”Le poisson”: 2013 .Exploding Cinema at Stubnitz,Ship of Fools and Monsters,Wood Wharf - Canary…
Poniatowski Boulevard Paris September 2012 exhibitions and screenings of”Jack O'Lantern”: 2013 •Exploding Cinema's Phone Made Films Show atCinema Museum, London, UK
"..." exhibitions and screenings of " Waiting": 2006 .Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin, Paris, France .Back Up, Weimar, Germany .ICDOCS, Iowa City, Iowa, USA
le placard de Jo Jo's cabinet

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Lève toi et marche Get it up, stand up exhibitions and screenings of ” Brad”: 2005 .MIX NYC, the Gallery, NYC, New York, USA
jugglers, acrobats, magicians, and sleepers
Pas de 2 with lederhosen Pas de 2 avec lederhosen Audience Prize for Best New Media Work, 14e Festival International du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada exhibitions and screenings of "Broom Ballet": 2010…
You can see "The Little Big"at the bottom of the page There is something clossal in things small Il y a quelque chose de colossal dans le petit exhibitions and screenings of "The Little Big": 2010 ."Extraordinary Men" program curated by…

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du doigté de loin exhibitions and screenings of "Finger Puppets": 2010 .“Extraordinary Men” program curated by Stefan St Laurent, Art Star video Biennal, Galerie Saw Gallery, Ottawa, On, Canada 2007 .“Experiencing…
My Levis do Kong. My waste basket does a black sheep. I ride my bike; they run... Mon Levis fait le Kong ma poubelle fait le mouton noir Je sors à vélo, ils courent...

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light & wind lumière et vent

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a sheet of paper, a ball of string, tweeting birds papier fils et gazouillis d’oiseaux
You have an important message. To hear it, press the star key.Vous avez reçu un message important. Pour l’écouter, appuyer sur la touche étoile

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L’intérieur est à l’extérieurInside is outside
Les tiroirs sont allignés sur le trottoirThe drawers are lined up on the sidewalk
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