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Repose têtes (Heads Rest)selected at the 26th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Chicago, IL, USA organized by Chicago Filmmakers Saturday, January 315:00pmColumbia College (Ferguson Theater) – 600 S. Michigan Ave.Shorts…

"Absolutely Corkscrew" inExploding Seenema at Shuffle Festival, London, UK

Rencontre fortuite d'une écharpe et d'un tapis presque du même rouge in Exploding Cinema at Canterbury Arms, Brixton, UK November 8

"Jack O’Lantern" in Exploding Cinema's Phone Made Film Show at Cinema Museum, London July 13 19:30

Rodin des bois (Rodin Wood) in the écrans parallèles of the FID Marseille

Rodin des bois(Rodin Wood) selected in SENTIERS / LA TERRE VUE DE LA LUNE,the écrans parallèles hors compétitionof theFID Marseille "Troncs arrachés, souches brisées, branches pendantes… tous ces…

•Exploding Cinema's Phone Made Films,Sheffield Doc/Fest,Sheffield,UK

Le poisson in Exploding Cinema at Stubnitz, Ship of Fools and Monsters Wood Wharf - Canary Wharf London

"Une fois Mars colonisée" (Once Mars Is Colonized, 2010) in Project Green Screening, organized by Nomad Films, Althinsalen Theater at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 7th, 12:35PM


“Le poisson (Fish)”exhibited in ExperiMENTAL (27 September - 6 October) at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, UK