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Lumenité screened in Exploding Cinema at the Others, February 9 at 7pm, 6 Manor Road, London N16 5SA Programme 1 Eskild Krogh The Night Circus 8:50 Mitchell Earle R U Sitting Comfortably12:19 Marcin Ciszek Quantized 4:34 Core Of Monkos…

Blob in Exploding Cinemaat The Ivy House,40 Stuart RoadLondonSE15, UK

"Absolutely Corkscrew" inExploding Seenema at Shuffle Festival, London, UK

"Jack O’Lantern" in Exploding Cinema's Phone Made Film Showat Cinema Museum, London

Le poisson in Exploding Cinema at Stubnitz,Ship of Fools and Monsters .Wood Wharf - Canary Wharf,London

Selected documentary shorts from the British Film Institute's 16th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 3-17 April 2002.Any chance to see short films on a big screen should be siezed upon!Reviews by Rich Cline

about Phone Home.Short films from the British Film Institute's 18th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival March-April 2004.REVIEWS BY RICH CLINE

about There, Model, Lunch.Selected short films shown at the British Film Institute's 17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2-16 April 2003byRich Cline
you can see the movie at the bottom of the pageYou’re going to reap just what you sowTu récolteras ce que tu sèmes exhibitions and screenings of "A Perfect Day": 2003 Inside Out, Toronto, Canada Thaw03, Festival of Film,…

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click Here or on the photo to see the filmor you can see "Mais pourquoi t'es tout mouillé"at the bottom of the page « Are you sure?No, I don’t »« Vous êtes sûr ?Non, je l’ fais pas »Television broadcast: ADD-TV, NYC, New York, USA,…
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